Hey Joe
(Guitar Intro)

This intro has been broken into four  small sections  to make it easier to understand how it goes together. Practise the light area of each part separately and when you  are comfortable with each part combine them to play the whole introduction.. The shaded area, shows either the part  you have just learned, or the part you are about to tackle. The slash ( / ) mark tells you to slide from the starting note to the end note i.e. 3rd fret 2nd or B string, to the 5th fret 2nd  or B string, as seen in tab example Part 1 below..
Pick directions are shown underneath the tab staff ( ^ ) for a down stroke and ( v ) for an upstroke.
See my Tab 'n Chords  page for more information on understanding Tab and Chord Diagrams.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

This section can also be played after each four bar section of the song over the
E Major chord 
Be sure to play the hammer-ons in the first bar denoted by the tie between the
0 - 2 (open A string to second fret) in the example below..

Part 4 (Alternative  Option)

This plays a similar riff to the one above only this time at the 7th fret.
pay particular attention to the hammer - ons between the 7th and 9th fret
 and the slide from  9th fret D string to the C barre chord.

Bass Riff

This the classic bass riff which is mirrored by the guitar. As an aid to performance the finger
are displayed underneath the tab staff.


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