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Picture Chords Guide (Part One)

These chord pictures have been designed to show you where to place your fingers on the guitar fret-board. 

In order to make it clear which strings are being held down, the position held may be slightly awkward in appearance. Take this into account when practising the chord shapes and try to reduce the tension in your arm and wrist as much as possible. Slanting the neck of the guitar up towards your shoulder will help in this regard.

  1. Remember to keep your hand and arm as relaxed as possible.

  2. Don't grip the neck of the guitar too tightly.

  3. Only press the strings with just enough force to produce a clear note.

  4. When playing a chord or single note, try to hold the string down as near to the fret as possible.

C Major
G Major


D Major

A Major
(Partial Barre)

E Major

(Middle Finger 7th Fret)

When you have mastered these basic shapes you can embellish the song by playing the same chords in a different position. This expands the tonal range of the chords and fools the ear into thinking something different is going on.
These chords are known as bar or barre chords and the advantage of these shapes is that they are movable - learn one shape and you have just learned 12 chords. (All chord are technically movable if you don't sound the strings which are left open) Click on Picture Chords Part Two  for examples and explanation.

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